Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Arts&Culture | By Spencer Underwood

Twitter is finally making it easier to bookmark tweets to read later

Twitter is finally making it easier to bookmark tweets to read later

"#SaveForLater", he stated in a Tweet on Tuesday.

Till now users of the social media platform retweeted the tweets or used the "heart" button option to save a post for future reference. Once you select this option, you will be able to get all the bookmarked tweets from there.

According to Neowin, the general layout of Twitter is also expected to be shuffled in the coming days, which will change the way tweets are now shown. A panel pops up with a new "Add to Bookmarks" button, as well as the regular "Share via DM" option. "The company has, in the past introduced tools such as an "@" mention and retweets, in response to community feedback.

Shah said that the company is looking for feedback from its users to further refine the feature. They include bookmarking with a heart, DM-ing them to themselves and even retweeting. "But this could be easier", Shah said in a tweet Tuesday. The country is growing as an important market for Twitter, and now, is its second biggest market after the U.S.

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Coleman says a way for people to bookmark tweets has been a top request, and that the feature will allow people to return to tweets and stories later without having to use the "like" button as a workaround.

Adding this new tool will help the app users keep a separate list of items that they would want to refer back.

Twitter has yet to indicate if the feature will be tested among a small group of users, or when the feature will be available for all. Currently, it's possible to do this by favouriting a Tweet - though most people likely don't utilize favouriting this way anymore - or by direct messaging a tweet to their own account.

Here's a video below demonstrating how this new bookmarking feature might work.

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