Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
World News | By Carolyn Briggs

Ships that transport goods north Korean banned from ports by the UN

Ships that transport goods north Korean banned from ports by the UN

The French news agency AFP reported Monday the ban, imposed by the Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea, went into effect last Thursday. Sources say the ships were found carrying coal, seafood and iron ore, exports banned by a United Nations resolution brought by the USA in August.

11 unanimously adopted a resolution to impose fresh sanctions on the DPRK over its nuclear test on September 3 in violation of previous Security Council resolutions.

The website listed the destination of the vessels as follows: the Petrel 8 was sailing from Yantai, in China's northeastern Shandong Province to Donghae, South Korea; Hao Fan 6 from Vladivostok Russia to Abashiri, Japan; Tong San 2 sailing from Bayuquan port in China's Liaoning province to Daesan, South Korea; while the Jie Shun's destination was unknown.

European Union members also want to blacklist more North Korean individuals and entities, a move that would freeze their assets in the bloc and ban them from entering its territory. Sanctions were expanded last month to include the export of textiles and North Korean guest workers, as well as a cap on oil imports. "This is a decision rather quick and decisive of the Committee" after the resolutions adopted in recent months against North Korea, welcomed Hugh Griffiths.

The ban was announced following a United Nations meeting on Monday. It also described Petrel 8 as flying under the flag of Comoros, while Jie Shun is under Cambodia and Hao Fan 6 under Saint Christopher and Nevis.

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Of the four ships, Tong San 2 is the only one flagged to North Korea, according to Vessel Finder, a tracking system that provides information on ships' locations.

North Korean diplomats were present at the meeting but did not speak, according to diplomats. The Cambodia-flagged bulk freighter Jie Shun was spotted on October 3 in the Bohai Sea.

"Sanctions are not a goal in itself", they aim to bring North Korea to a negotiating table to talk about its weapons programmes that are deemed threatening to the world stability, stressed the diplomat at the end of the meeting.

However, repeated sanctions have so far failed to deter North Korea from continuing with its nuclear and missile development programmes.

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