Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
World News | By Carolyn Briggs

Sen. Schatz on Trump's Threat to NBC

Sen. Schatz on Trump's Threat to NBC

President Donald Trump told the nation's highest ranking security leaders this past summer that he wanted to increase the USA nuclear arsenal by almost 10 times, according to a new report Wednesday.

Trump has previously challenged NBC's reporting on the meeting, including a revelation that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson referred to the president as a "moron" after the meeting and considered resigning from the Cabinet. Pure fiction, made up to demean.

The Executive Director of the First Amendment Coalition, David Snyder, told Newsweek the comment from Trump was something more akin to a statement "the leader of some authoritarian country would make".

Comcast was down almost 1% to 37.31 in late trading on the stock market today.

According to the network, Mr Trump had been shown a slide that showed the steady reduction of United States nukes since the late sixties, in line with post-cold war treaties.

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This morning, President Donald Trump once again took aim at the mainstream media via Twitter over a story he didn't like. That was the same meeting after which Tillerson allegedly called the president a "moron", something both Trump and the State Department denied him ever saying.

"I've seen tremendously dishonest press", he said, accusing NBC of making up the story and inventing sources.

Though it isn't logistically feasible to increase the US nuclear arsenal in the dramatic manner Trump reportedly desires, his interest follows a troubling pattern. "I never discussed increasing it". Trump wrote. "Bad for country!" The Los Angeles Times reported that NBC and other networks don't hold licenses that cover their entire networks.

"Under deregulatory measures that Republicans successfully pushed over the past generation, challenging a license on the grounds that coverage is unfair or biased would be extremely hard", the newspaper reported. I don't know, big guy, maybe after you finish suing the women who accused you of sexual misconduct - which should coincide with that lawsuit you threatened to file against the New York Times for daring to report on the women's accusations.

A White House officials told NBC the nuclear arsenal was not the meeting's primary topic, and Pentagon spokesperson Dana White commented that Defense Secretary James Mattis "has many closed sessions with the president and his cabinet members".

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