Published: Mon, October 02, 2017
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NFL Owners Have Research Supporting Trump's Claims About Ratings Drop

NFL Owners Have Research Supporting Trump's Claims About Ratings Drop

The Fox television network's broadcast of the day's first game, at Wembley Stadium, showed three members of the Miami Dolphins kneeling as US music star Darius Rucker performed "The Star Spangled Banner".

A week after almost 200 NFL players protested during the national anthem, fewer players on Sunday were not standing for the national anthem. Those boos provide strong evidence those hating on NFL players who dare to express their views on racial injustices aren't just mad about the perceived insults to our national symbols.

He tweeted Saturday that players should stand on Sunday, saying they should respect the USA flag and country.

The entire Dallas Cowboys roster and coaching team, including owner Jerry Jones, knelt down in Arizona - which drew a hostile reception from the home fans - while the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks all chose to remain in the tunnel until the anthem had finished.

"And there are few things that are more important to me than the honour that I feel we must bestow upon our military men and women - the honour we must show our flag - and standing at attention for our flag and our national anthem is a powerful symbol we must respect". "I think you risk upsetting more people than it's worth".

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Much like the league already does with breast cancer awareness and honoring military service, they would like the month of November to be the time to highlight the need to address social issues that affect our country. During a television interview broadcast Thursday, he said National Football League owners are "afraid of their players" and "in a box" on the issue.

The NFL rejected the president's remarks as not factual. The players stood in unison for the playing of the anthem. Trump, in effect, pulled the trigger on his criticisms as though the players were kneeling on top of a disabled veteran. Two members of the Lions knelt while most of the team stood.

Texans players linked arms during the national anthem but all stood together.

And on Thursday he continued the crusade, drawing a rebuke from the NFL after he said football team owners are afraid of their players. I firmly believe it is an individual's right to protest in the way they choose to protest, as long as it's peaceful.

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