Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
Science | By Tyler Owen

New 'Overwatch' Halloween Skins Leaked: Cthulu Zenyatta, Dragon Symmetra, And Vampire Mei

New 'Overwatch' Halloween Skins Leaked: Cthulu Zenyatta, Dragon Symmetra, And Vampire Mei

If Halloween Terror is anything like a year ago, we're likely to see a return of Junkenstein's Revenge, a 4-player cooperative horde mode, pitting your group of heroes against endlessly spawning minions.

Overwatch's "Halloween Terror" event kicks off tomorrow and with it comes some new content, including new skins.

One thing we can be sure of is that the Overwatch Halloween 2017 event will release with a host of Legendary Overwatch skins.

According to a report from Gamespot, skins for three more characters for the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017, namely, Mei, Symmetra, and Zenyatta, were leaked on Facebook.

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Based on previous Overwatch events like the Summer Games, Halloween Terror is expected to have either a 6pm or 7pm United Kingdom start time.

Symmetra is also apparently getting a spooky new skin, which appears to be based on an ifrit (though given Blizzard's visual style, it's not far off from a Zerg-like look).

The Reaper skin for the Overwatch Halloween Terror event back in 2016. The developer offered a glimpse at two new skins: a Van Helsing-inspired look for McCree and a Dracula-esque costume for Reaper.

At the very least, the images will hopefully get you just a tad bit more excited for Halloween Terror 2017. Given that we are now firmly in October, it is time for Blizzard to gear up its Halloween plans and thanks to some leaks, we already have a good idea of what to expect.

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