Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
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Hell in the Cell: Shocking assist leads to McMahon's downfall

Hell in the Cell: Shocking assist leads to McMahon's downfall

Around 10 minutes into the match, McMahon attempted his first big stunt of the evening: a Shooting Star Press. You end up with the same feuds over and over again.

It's amusing, the one match with a guaranteed outcome delivered on its promise of death-defying stunts and a Kevin Owens victory, yet the show ended with more questions than answers.

Wrestling fans are talking about that insane ending from Sunday's WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, and everyone's trying to make sense of it. Sami Zayn saved Kevin Owens in the main event and helped him win the match when it was least expected.

Randy Ortan will face Rusev in a non title match. This match was kind of boring as Rusev was dominating the majority of it in slow fashion. While this was going on, Nakamura hit the Kinshasa. The downfall of Rusev continues. However, Tye Dillinger defeated Corbin this week and he successfully convinced Daniel Bryan to let him compete in the match. Even though AJ Styles will be facing Baron Corbin for the United States Championship, I don't expect it to be The Phenomenal One's best work. The match starts, and all four men immediately roll out the rings to grab chairs, kendo sticks, and metal chains, so yeah, things get real fast. Hopefully this means Styles moves on to contend for the WWE Title.

On paper, the WWE Universe should have a reason to get behind Charlotte Flair as a babyface because her momentum as a result of Ric Flair's health scare will fade. As did Big E getting fired up and positively wrecking the Usos afterwards, and Woods' desperation effort at the end of the match. Jinder tried to leave, but Nakamura dragged him back in. Maybe I'm just prejudice to matches involving Baron Corbin. The man is likely going to still be WWE Champion until WrestleMania. Nobody has been able to kick out of the Khallas recently so WWE is protecting his finisher. Shane and Kevin battered each other from pillar to post and made effective use of the Hell in a Cell match gimmick.

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McMahon was fighting Kevin Owens in the main event and attempted to dive off the roof of the hellacious steel cell onto his prone opponent who was laid out on the announce table. This match was one of the best Hell in a Cell matches I have seen in recent memory. While the lead-up to this match, including the contrived charade with Vince McMahon getting bloodied and battered by Owens, was implausible... There were lots of memorable moments. Rather than finish the match there and pin Owens, McMahon chose to head to the top of the cell in attempt to recreate his legendary WrestleMania 32 bump off the top of the cell. It looks scary seeing them up so high. He placed his rival on another table and climbed back to the top of the cage, only to crash and burn as he dove off.

The biggest twist was the ending.

On Sunday night, McMahon took part in a Hell in a Cell Match against Kevin Owens, where falls counted anywhere, and he pulled off a death-defying leap that would make Mick Foley wince.

What are your thoughts on McMahon's son flipping off Zayn after his heel turn?

The contest at Hell in a Cell was an absolute thriller, a match that really had everything. Both of them took each other to the limit before a timely intervention by Sami Zayn helped Owens pick up a win.

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