Published: Fri, October 06, 2017
IT | By Amos Hawkins

Google Home Introduces Multi-user Functions With Voice Match

Google Home Introduces Multi-user Functions With Voice Match

Google Home will also receive integration with the Nest product line, which includes smart thermostats, security cameras and other product series for your home. This is a great initiative for kids as it will allow them to save their preferences as part of a linked family account.

This news also comes as Google moves away from Groove and partners with Spotify. And good news! You can already grab this latest update to the Google Home application in the Play Store, so be on the lookout for an app update coming soon. Both these products were announced only last week. If you interface your Spotify and make it the default player on Google Assistant, you won't need to state "on Spotify" toward the finish of your voice command. By subscribing to the Nest Aware subscription, you will also be able to take advantage from the facial recognition feature. Well, Google did what Google does - that is AI magic, if you were wondering - and has now brought Voice Match to the Google Home. Now any user with a phone that has the Google Assistant enabled can say things like: "OK Google, play Spotify" or "OK Google, play some dreampop on Spotify".

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What's more, you'll also be able to send a song to another Chromecast-enabled speaker by saying out loud something like: "Ok Google, play Today's Top Hits on my Chromecast". It'll be read aloud in the Google Assistant voice instead of your own voice, so it's not simply broadcasting a simple voice message. I should note, however, streaming is not working for me with Android TV devices.

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