Published: Fri, August 18, 2017
World News | By Carolyn Briggs

Man Dies in Fall From LA Crane After Police Pursuit, Standoff

Man Dies in Fall From LA Crane After Police Pursuit, Standoff

Los Angeles police said Thursday a fleeing fugitive fell off a crane and died - after stealing a vehicle, leading them on a high-speed chase and engaging them in a long standoff. At some point in the early evening, the man was spotted in the SUV by the Los Angeles Police Department in the Wilshire Division.

He eventually ends up at the Port of Los Angeles where he drives around in circles before abandoning his vehicle beside a crane.

The pursuit turned into a three-hour standoff when the suspect jumped out of the vehicle and climbed up the crane.

Police said the man either fell or jumped to his death around 9:30 p.m. The chase came through Torrance on Hawthorne Boulevard, where police followed him south over the Palos Verdes Peninsula at a high rate of speed. After doing so, he led police on a wild auto chase through the Long Beach area and eventually came to a stop at the Port of Los Angeles.

Torrance police called off the chase due to risky conditions.

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The freaky incident began around 3 p.m., when Los Angeles Police spotted a white Subaru SUV, which cops soon engaged in an hours-long chase.

Later, Long Beach police found the vehicle and chased it before the SUV ended up at the port, where the driver could be seen weaving in and out of lanes, according to the aerial footage. The suspect, who is wearing a Lakers jersey, is on top of a crane with no railing to hold on to.

The man removed his clothing, and was seen dancing around the area and lounging on his back during a standoff that lasted several hours.

The man's name has not yet been released, and the LAPD said officers weren't near the suspect at the time of his fall.

Law enforcement officers and firefighters positioned themselves below and crews, including divers, waited in boats, ready to attempt a rescue or recovery if the man jumped or fell into the water. It's not clear whether he slipped or jumped deliberately, Los Angeles fire officials said. Authorities began a chase with the suspect, who they believed had stolen a white SUV. "It is a new vehicle".

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