Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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Local school bus companies cope with bus driver shortage

Local school bus companies cope with bus driver shortage

According to state transportation officials, an average of seven school-age passengers are killed in school bus crashes each year. With black stripes down the side.

Some Dallas school trustees said such shortages are unacceptable. Bevans suggested one group in particular that may be a natural fit for driving a bus full of children.

A warning that a bus stop is about to take place will always be given with the flashing amber lights on the front and rear of the school bus.

Less than three weeks from the first day of school, NBC 5 Investigates has learned the agency is short hundreds of drivers. Schools in Tazewell County and Bland County will begin their school year on August 17.

Students are instructed to wait until their bus driver signals for them to cross the road as a precaution against oncoming traffic. The results are frightening to say the least.

For many kids, their school day begins and ends with a ride on a school bus.

"This survey captured only a fraction of the violations that bus drivers and traffic officers know all too well are occurring each and every day at an alarming rate throughout the United States". Motorists should not attempt to pass the bus while it's stopped, but there are different rules for different roads.

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Washington Community Schools Transportation Director Gary Puckett said some of the most spots where drivers run the stop arms include Business 50 East, near Theroff's Motel and Hardee's. About 400 drivers are making sure they can finish their routes with all the stops on time.

"A lot of people get accustomed and complacent and not used to it", says Kentucky State Police Trooper Corey King, pointing to summer vacation.

What are the school bus laws?

Kentucky law says drivers must stop if a school bus transporting children is stopped on a highway for the goal of loading or unloading passengers and has its stop arm and signal lights activated.

When approaching a school bus - from any direction - that is stopped with its flashing red lights activated and stop-arm extended, motorists are required to stop, even on multiple lane highways.

Motorists on a highway divided by a barrier or unimproved median-a concrete or cable barrier, say, or a grass median-are required to stop only if they are traveling in the same direction as the school bus.

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