Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
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113-year-old Holocaust survivor who lived in Haifa

113-year-old Holocaust survivor who lived in Haifa

He and his wife were then sent to Auschwitz where she was murdered.Kristal remarried in 1947 and emigrated to Israel in 1950.

At his bar mitzvah celebration in September 2016, surrounded by his grandchildren and their families, he reflected on both his personal longevity and the tragedy of the Holocaust, "Here's one person, and look how many people he brought to life". Usually in Jewish faith, when Jewish boys become 13 years old, they become accountable for their actions and become a bar mitzvah.

Kristal, who was recognized as the world's oldest man by the Guinness Book of World Records, did not get to celebrate his bar mitzvah at the age of 13 in his native Poland due to World War I. He received media attention from around the world when he chose to celebrate it previous year when he turned 113.

Yisrael Krista, who was born in 1903 and supposed to celebrate his 114 birthday next month, passed away on Friday in Haifa. He hadn't celebrated it in 1916 because of World War I breaking out, the BBC reported. Kristal's mother and father were killed during World War I, and his wife and children were killed during the Holocaust. He is survived by two of those children, and many more grandkids and great-grandchildren.

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Kristal's daughter, Shula Kopershtouk, told CBC News at the time: "My father told my son not to take his bar mitzvah for granted, saying that not everyone was lucky enough to have one".

The world's oldest man - the only member of his immediate family to survive the Holocaust - has died at the age of 113. "There have been smarter, stronger and better-looking men than me who are no longer alive". "All that is left for us to do is to keep on working as hard as we can and rebuild what is lost".

Guinness said the record for the longest confirmed human lifespan was held by a French woman, Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122.

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