Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
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What happened in Bill Cosby's sexual-assault trial

What happened in Bill Cosby's sexual-assault trial

The defense's case is expected to wrap up some time next week.

In an afternoon session in which the jury in the Norristown, PA trial learned extensively of Cosby's dispensing of Quaaludes to women for sex, Day 5 also saw defense attorney Brian McMonagle aggressively question the sexual assault expert witness for the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

Cosby at courthouse with "Cosby Show" co-star Keshia Knight-Pulliam. He then waved from the back of an SUV.

Andrea Constand, then an administrator with Temple University's women's basketball team, was 30 at the time of the alleged crime in 2004. He contends the sexual encounter was consensual.

According to the prosecution's filing, Cosby's defense team says that Constand did not tell Cosby she was gay during their 2004 interactions, which amounts to "conceal [ment] and deceit".

Prosecutors evidently saved the quaalude testimony until the end for maximum effect.

During his testimony, Reape asked why Cosby would give pink Benadryl to authorities if he claimed to still have the blue pills.

Ms. Constand said she told Mr. Cosby she trusted him and swallowed the pills.

Cosby gave the deposition as part of a lawsuit filed by Constand and later settled for an undisclosed sum.

Portions of the deposition became public almost two years ago and played a major role in prosecutors' decision to charge him. Constand's case is the only one in which Cosby has been charged.

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For the jury, this could be the closest it comes to hearing from Cosby himself because he has stated he will not take the stand.

"I'm thinking this is a dirty old man with a young girl", Cosby said, according to a decade-old deposition read to jurors on Friday by a police officer. "I apologized to this woman", he told police in the deposition. Cosby said in the deposition that he got the drugs purely because "you people" were using them "to party with" and "I wanted to have some just in case".

Cosby himself anxious about the repercussions from public disclosure. But those passages were not read to jurors on Friday, and it's unclear when or if they will ever hear about his use of the powerful sedative.

Cosby offered to pay for Constand to go to graduate school, but indicated in the deposition that he did so because she and her mother were upset, not to compensate her for anything he did wrong. The defense has questioned Constand's continued contact with Cosby after the alleged assault and conflicting reports of when the incident occurred.

Dr. Veronique Valliere, president of Valliere Counseling & Associates, Allentown, Pennsylvania, also testified Friday as an expert witness in sexual assault, survivor response to sexual assault and survivor and offender dynamics. The judge rejected the request.

More than 60 women have come out and publicly accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them over the decades and are pursuing civil cases. The 13-year-old incident is the only one that is recent enough to support criminal charges.

The entertainer had answered that it was self-protection, not deceit - he anxious how Gianna Constand might use the information against him if he admitted it or sent the pills to her home in Ontario, as she had requested.

During a break Friday, Cosby's spokesman dangled the possibility the comic might testify after all. Doing so would carry enormous risk for Cosby, exposing him to cross-examination about some of the lurid things in his deposition.

Cosby said it was on her second visit to his home that she rebuffed him. She has yet to be seen in court. Cosby was deposed over four days in late 2005 and early 2006.

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