Published: Wed, June 14, 2017
World News | By Carolyn Briggs

U.S. troops killed, 2 injured by Afghan soldier

Three US soldiers were killed and a fourth wounded in Afghanistan on Saturday, the Pentagon said, after an Afghan soldier reportedly opened fire on them.

An Afghan soldier opened fire on US troops in a restive eastern province of Afghanistan on Saturday, killing three and injuring a fourth, authorities said.

Three American soldiers were killed and another wounded in Afghanistan when an Afghan soldier turned his gun on them in a so-called "green on blue" attack.

In March, three United States soldiers were wounded after being shot at by an Afghan soldier at a base in Helmand province.

The troopers were in the Anchin district of the Nangarhar province, where USA -led troops have cracked down on ISIS' Afghanistan foothold.

Insider attacks have always been a hallmark of the us experience in Afghanistan.

President Trump has been briefed on the situation. When heroes fall, Americans grieve.

The US soldiers killed or wounded are Army Rangers. Similar incidents have also plagued Afghan troops, depleting morale and causing mistrust within security ranks. Another official, Bashir Ahmad Shakir, head of the provincial council's security committee, said that other reports, not yet confirmed, said that as many as eight policemen had been killed.

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The Taliban, in a statement, took credit for the attack, according to the SITE Intel Group. "We will release more information when appropriate", Douglas High, the public affairs officer for Operation Resolute Support, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation mission in Afghanistan, said in a statement.

An Afghan soldier opened fire on his US counterparts on Saturday, killing three Americans and wounding at least one other. Both officials said the incident took place as a result of an Afghan commando operation in the area fighting Taliban insurgents.

The Taliban is claiming responsibility for the deaths, by using one of their members to infiltrate the Afghan Army. It is therefore hard to envision a patrol route that wouldn't put the Afghan forces at least somewhat close to some Taliban base or other.

The so-called insider attack - the second of its kind this year - happened in Nangarhar, where Afghan troops and US special operations forces have been locked in combat with an Islamic State-affiliated militant group for months.

However, according to local sources, the attack was an insider attack targeting United States soldiers by an Afghan solider.

The Pentagon said in a statement it was "aware of an incident in eastern Afghanistan". This is when at least one US service member remains on watch while Afghan and USA military forces are on patrol, dine together or are sleeping.

Approximately 8,000 US troops are deployed to Afghanistan as part of two separate operations.

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