Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
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Sandy Hook Promise petitions to stop NBC from airing interview

Sandy Hook Promise petitions to stop NBC from airing interview

The announcement that Kelly would be giving a platform to Jones, who once promoted the idea that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in which 20 first-graders and six staffers were killed in CT, could have been a hoax, was greeted with widespread outrage.

"On the phone, Kelly seems to be engaging in some serious apple-polishing in trying to get Alex Jones to agree to the sit-down at his base in Austin, Texas, claiming that she finds him "fascinating", and promising that she would never do a "gotcha interview" or a" hit piece". And I said, 'How insane is it that liberal trendies are now the victims?' And then I start going and looking.

"Yes. Because I remember, even that day, to go back from memory, then saying, "But then, some of it looks like it's real".

"I will sit there on the air and look at every position and play devil's advocate", he says. He also backtracked again on his previous comments, saying he believed that Sandy Hook did happen, but "I just think there were some PR firms involved exacerbating tensions and blaming the second amendment, and that's not right". Several Sandy Hooks families have apparently turned down the offer to appear with Megyn Kelly, however. During Jones' response, Kelly at one point accused him of dodging the question, but he replied: "The media never covers all the evil wars".

Kelly has yet to earn the trust of the nation, these executives said, because earning the trust of the nation takes time.

She started the show on Sunday night addressing the widespread controversy surrounding the pre-taped interview with the Infowars host, acknowledging that Jones" "outrageous statement' had prompted outcry. In 2014, Jones said he believed that the Sandy Hook massacre, in which 26 people were murdered, including 20 children, was a "hoax" and "fake".

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says he'll release an unedited version of his interview with Megyn Kelly set to air Sunday on NBC.

Kelly promised, "I don't double-cross", while telling Jones that she wouldn't focus on "conspiracy theories" during the interview.

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Kelly also interviewed a parent who lost his 6-year-old son in the massacre, who said that Jones' controversy theories are "disrespectful to me where in fact I did lose my son. All I can do is give you my word and tell you if there is one thing about me I do what I say I'm going to do and I don't double-cross".

"What the media did, and we know it was the media and we have the P.I.s and the law firms and we're working on it right now".

Neil Heslin's son was killed at Sandy Hook, and he had a simple message for Jones on Sunday.

Earlier in the week, a group founded by the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims has dropped Kelly as an event host due to the interview.

Our families have already suffered the unbearable pain of having to deal with harassment from Sandy Hook deniers like Jones, on top of having lost our loved ones.

The NBC television network, owned by Comcast Corp., said in a statement on Saturday it was "committed" to the broadcast.

Jones has insisted that the World Trade Center attack was an "inside job".

Megyn Kelly was replaced as the host of a gala fundraiser for Sandy Hook Promise on June 14th as a result of the interview.

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