Published: Sat, June 17, 2017
Local | By Ada Griffith

Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez Found Not Guilty in Shooting of Philando Castile

Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez Found Not Guilty in Shooting of Philando Castile

"As people across our city, country and country react to the jury's verdict", he said, "I urge each of us to move forward in a way that is peaceful and respectful of everyone - residents, demonstrators and police officers alike".

New York Times reports that Jeronimo Yanez, of the St. Anthony Police Department, was accused of fatally shooting Philando Castille after pulling him over during a routine traffic stop last summer.

The horrid killing of Philando Castile has been burned and etched into our memories, when Facebook Live video erupted of a bloody and dying Castile with his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds' bloodcurdling scream in the background.

Friday's verdict drew an angry reaction from Castile's mother. Once outside the courtroom, Valerie told the media that she was extremely disappointed in the state of Minnesota. "My son loved this state".

The mother of a Minnesota motorist who was shot dead by a police officer last July says the officer got away with "murder".

Mr Yanez and his family, meanwhile, quietly slipped out of the courthouse and into a van before leaving without taking question. The jurors also requested to review the transcript of Yanez's interview with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, but Judge William H. Leery III denied their request.

Dennis Ploussard said the days of deliberations were not easy. They broke for lunch shortly before noon.

The jury spent almost 30 hours deciding Yanez's fate.

Juror Dennis Ploussard said the jury was split 10-2 early this week in favour of acquittal.

"Correct, but it doesn't always mean that's what he was doing", Yanez said. "I can't even say be safe & "smart" because #PhilandoCastile was & so many are & still this.", while Will & Grace star Mullally raged: "I'M SO F**KING SICK OF THIS". Atop that, the attorneys said, rereading a transcript omits important behavioral cues jurors use to determine credibility and believability. Afterward, one of his attorneys, Tom Kelly, said the defence was “satisfied.”.

"What Judge Leary did was 100 percent correct".

NPR's David Schaper has been covering jury deliberations this week and joins us now from Saint Paul. You may take those notes with you to the jury room. "Because the way the law is written by lawyers, you really have to sit down and dissect it and figure out what it really means, and we did that and the law was in favor of Yanez".

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"I thought I was going to die", Yanez testified, with a packed courtroom hanging on his every word.

"I had no other choice. He was not complying with my directions".

The squad-car video shows Yanez approaching Castile's auto and asking for a driver's license and proof of insurance.

St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez stands outside the Ramsey County Courthouse, May 2017.

The video capturing Mr Castile's death is gruesome. "Those were not my intentions".

"Yanez worked for the system".

Prosecutors argued that Castile "never reached for his gun, let alone put his hands on it".

A key part of the prosecution case was statements Yanez made that seemed to suggest he didn't know where the gun was.

Prosecutors, who are set to speak around 5 p.m. CT today, had argued that Yanez had racially profiled Castile when he pulled him over for a busted brake light.

The 32-year-old Castile was black and Yanez, 29, is Mexican-American.

Yanez has been fired, the city of St. Anthony reported Friday. Witnesses testified that the gun was in a pocket of Castile's shorts when paramedics removed him from his vehicle.

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