Published: Fri, June 16, 2017
IT | By Amos Hawkins

Microsoft Office 2016 finally makes its way to the Windows Store

It looks like tomorrow, June 15, may be the day. After the preview period is over, users on other Windows 10 devices will also be able to buy and install Office using the Windows Store.

When the preview period will be over, Office will be updated to the release build automatically by the Windows Store.

Office in the Windows Store does have a few differences from the regular Office desktop apps you download from Microsoft directly.

"It's the Office you know and trust, delivered in a new way from the Windows Store", explains the Microsoft support article.

If you bought the new Surface Laptop, you can now grab Office 365 for free from Microsoft's Windows Store.

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It has further been mentioned that Outlook, Access and Publisher won't be made available as part of the said releases because the software is not part of the Office 365 Education plan.

Windows 10 S is a streamlined version of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system created to improve performance by limiting the programs it can run.

With Windows 10 S, customers can only download apps from the Windows Store. These are only four apps being made available today, while it has been stated that Microsoft will be porting rest of the Office apps, namely Access, OneNote and Publisher 2016 to the Windows Store with the use of the Desktop Bridge or Centennial tool. It asserts that users will now only have the option to install 32-bit versions of Office, with no support for COM add-ins.

Users with Windows 10 S can now download and install the Office Desktop apps without any issues as these apps are verified for security and locally run in a safe container before making them available for download.

One other caveat is that the OneNote 2016 desktop app isn't ready yet.

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