Published: Wed, June 14, 2017
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Indiana Ranks 28th In Child Well-Being

Indiana Ranks 28th In Child Well-Being

But, Rowan says the higher-education system in IL is struggling because there's a possibility of a third year without a state budget.

Dollard said a big part of the state's low ranking stems from economic factors. A year ago the state ranked 38th in the nation on the report. "Your children who lack health insurance, you rank 49th on that indicator", said Florencia Gutierrez, senior associate at the foundation. That compares with OH at 22nd in the nation; IL, 25th; MI, 31st; and Kentucky, 39th.

31st in economic well-being. Low birth rates in Nebraska grew half a percent between 2011 and 2015. The report says more than 60-percent of eighth-graders are not proficient in math, and just as many fourth-graders aren't proficient in reading. During the same time child and teen death rates went from 22 per 100,000 to 26 per 100,000. Those results should show a clear need for state action regarding health insurance coverage for the low-income Hoosiers now on HIP 2.0, most of which, are children. - The state eligibility level for child care assistance is among the lowest in the nation, with less than 2% of children under 12 receiving child care subsidies.

"These results reflect the deep commitment our state has made to improving educational outcomes for all students and further confirm that we must continue this positive momentum to provide even greater opportunities for our students moving forward", McQueen said. "That is what MI legislators should be looking to emulate".

Teen substance abuse in IN has dropped by 30 percent, according to the KIDS COUNT Data Book.

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"High housing costs remain a significant challenge in our state". - A parent with a family of three working full-time at minimum wage was living $1,700 below the poverty line. "How do we move 290,000 children out of poverty in Alabama?"

Children in IL are doing better than in recent years, and advocates are calling on state and federal leaders to avoid reversing those gains. The Michigan Data Book has state-level and county-by-county data and rankings.

A new report is taking a closer look at the well-being of Indiana's children.

Jennifer Calder with Montana Kids Count said that ranking is “unfortunately, not much of a surprise. "Some parents miss work and put their ability to support their kids at risk because they have to care for their sick children". KIDS COUNT is a registered trademark of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Kentucky ranks 22nd in health, 24th in education, and 38th in family and community. KIDS COUNT is a registered trademark of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

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