Published: Fri, June 16, 2017
IT | By Amos Hawkins

Facebook celebrates 30 years of GIF by adding it to comments

Facebook celebrates 30 years of GIF by adding it to comments

Facebook and its Messenger have probably been two apps that have been using and pushing this form of fun communication and to celebrate its anniversary, they are taking a closer look at it, as well as introducing some new GIF-related news.

In addition, Facebook announced that it worked with GIPHY Studios to create 20 GIFs with some of the internet's biggest stars, including DNCE, Violet Benson, DREEZY and more.

So, Facebook made a decision to give it birthday gift by allowing users to post GIFs as comments on the social network.

Though the added feature is not necessarily new to Facebook as users can already post GIFs to status updates, the comments section will now have a list of image files to choose from. WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook also comes with the ability to send GIFs on chats. A few months after it began testing the feature, the web site has rolled the button out to all users, finally allowing everyone to post GIFs directly in the comment section.

To add GIFs, you can just click the GIF button in the comment box, type in the kind of GIFs you need and click on the one you want.

The GIF is turning 30.

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And in the past year, GIF sends on Messenger tripled to almost 13 billion.

Facebook is also using the day to salute the surprisingly resilient format, throwing what it calls a "GIF party", and offering statistics on its existing GIF usage. This year's New Year's Day celebration was the most popular GIF sending day, with more than 400 million sent.

Facebookers in the USA will be directly asked the question via a new poll which is set to appear over the course of the next few days.

GIFs are alternatives to typing comments as they are not just plain text, instead their short and precise format and easy upload makes it a much more expressive tool.

Another interesting Facebook initiative is an online poll for US users asking them for the pronunciation of the word "GIF" - with a hard "G" as in the word "golf", or with a soft "G" as in "ginger".

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