Published: Thu, June 15, 2017
Science | By Tyler Owen

Apple is going to stop app developers from harassing you

Apple is going to stop app developers from harassing you

Apple takes a 30% cut on every purchase, from the App Store or in-app. If you're the organiser of a family plan, you can't manage the subscriptions of others, those are managed by the individual accounts.

With Today's tab, App store editors will be pushing content as part of "Daily Stories" with a new app and game featured as the App of the day along with new lists and other content.

In ExtraBITS this week, scam apps seem to be making big money in the App Store, iOS review prompts are becoming less annoying, Apple is positioning the iPad for a comeback, and the company has announced the 2017 Apple Design Award winners. "It's downright mind boggling that this horrendous "Mobile protection:Clean & Security VPN" app made it all the way into the top 10 without getting flagged", he added.

This is a welcome change for game developers as navigating to games tab in the previous design required more clicks.

In a fascinating and must-read piece that originally appeared on Medium, Johnny Lin details how a number of ostensibly security-oriented apps are generating upwards of $80,000 a month by basically tricking consumers into signing up for security-based app subscriptions that they most certainly do not need. The setup will see Apple take a 30% slice of the tip leaving the developers with 70%.

Lin and Apple watcher John Gruber are asking how Apple let this app past its review process and are demanding Apple reconsider its App Store advertising system.

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While there have always been apps from less reputable developers in the App Store, one developer called attention to just how bad the problem has become in recent months.

Established App store brands and relatively larger developers will be magnified even more but ASO experiments can drive growth for all.

Turns out, scammers are abusing Apple's relatively new and immature App Store Search Ads product. The modifications to the App Store was first noticed by 9to5Mac.

Apple has removed the app from the US App Store, however it is still available in the Belize version of the App Store.

The "malware scanning" app Lin spotted that aggressively pushes users to a $99.99 weekly subscription.

Gruber argued that Apple needs to reassess "the effects of allowing developers to buy their way to the top spot in search results".

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